APRIL 28th 2018
'our eighth year'

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Our new and exciting jersey has been designed by Amy Broadhurst, a S5 student at Kinross High School, and manufactured by Owayo who specialise in custom sports apparel.

The cost will be £35 per jersey.

 The jersey is based on the Owayo C2 Sport specification giving you.

  • a narrow, athletic cut with raglan sleeves. The fabrics are highly functional with elastic characteristics. The jerseys C2 Sport are equipped with standing collars, zippers, and a 3-component pocket on the lower back
  • Each fabric is individually selected to maximise comfort and durability and is moisture wicking to ensures quick moisture dispersal and optimal temperature regulation.
  • The products are sewn with a specially-developed, German-engineered thread that meets the highest demands of the sporting industry. An advanced '4 thread-overlock' machine stitch is used to ensure superior strength and stability.
  • The printing process is computer-controlled to enable millimeter precision and laser sharpness. Owayo use a 'thermal sublimated process' that binds the colour molecules to the fabric fibres at the molecular level. In this way, the fabric can remain soft and breathable, and the print will not wash-out, fade, or deteriorate.
  • No compromise is made with the zipper selection. The apparel is equipped with the #1 world-wide leader in zipper manufacturing. This offers you the highest quality zipper possible.


The Jersey (Front)

The Jersey (Back)


Owayo Sizing Guide

For full details and sizing guidelines please visit the manufacturers web pages


Owayo Size Chest Circumference (cm) Chest Circumference (in)
XS 74 - 82 29.25 - 32.25
S 82 - 90 32.25 - 35.5
M 90 - 98 35.5 - 38.5
L 98 - 106 38.5 - 41.75
XL 106 - 114 41.75 - 45.0
XXL 114 - 118 45.0 - 46.5
3XL 118 - 126 46.5 - 49.5
4XL 126 - 134 49.5 - 52.75
5XL 134 - 142 52.75 - 56.0